Do You Love Salsa Dancing?

You do: Great, there's plenty of resource and information here to give your salsa dancing a boost.

Not sure: Do you find yourself insecure on the dance floor regardless of how much "liquid courage" you've consumed? Do you feel lost and self conscious that you might make a fool of yourself?

Learning salsa can help!

Salsa dancing provides structure, so you know what your limbs should be doing, but still allows for freedom to express yourself. There's a friendly social community that makes new comers feel welcome, and even through its a partner dance, you don't need to bring a partner.

Salsa dancing has given me confidence in myself and my abilities. It can do the same for you too.

Something For Every Character

Here at Salsa-Dancers I aim to help bring the salsa community together, and be an valuable resource for all. I've tried to provide something for every type of visitor. So which are you?

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More About Salsa Dancing
Are you wondering what is salsa? Find out more about salsa dancing.
Learn To Dance Salsa
No matter how bad you may believe you are at dancing, you can learn to dance salsa. It’s just a matter of time, practice, and determination.
Salsa Fitness
Start a salsa fitness regime, because burning calories has never been such fun!
Myths About Salsa Dancers
There are many myths about salsa dancers and salsa. Here are the top ten.
Salsa Directory, Search For A Salsa Club Near You!
A salsa directory listing clubs from around the world. Use it to find a salsa club near you now!
Find Salsa Instructors Worldwide
Find a salsa instructor to fill your club’s guest teacher spot. Or locate the ideal instructor to help you become a salsa expert.
Salsa Music: Uplifting and Infectious
Find the top recommended salsa music tracks. They’re uplifting and make you want to move your body to the infectious beat.
Salsa Dancing Instruction
Find salsa dancing instructional videos to help improve your dancing technique
Shall We Dance? Find Inspiration To Motivate Your Dancing Feet
shall we dance? We all need a little of motivation at some point in what we do. Find great inspiration to become a fantastic salsa dancer.
Salsa Movie reviews
Watching salsa movies can be a great source of inspiration. Learn what movies feature salsa dancing.
Facebook Pages on Salsa: A Collection of Must Like Salsa Pages
Looking for sensational salsa in your Facebook timeline? Here's a roundup of great facebook pages on salsa that'll help you get your salsa on and improve your news feed.
Salsa clubs, attract more dancers, come create your own page.
Salsa clubs showcase what you have to offer in a worldwide salsa directory that provides you with a fully searchable webpage.
Own a dance club? Attract more dancers.
Own a dance club. Stop treating your club like a hobby, and start treating it like a business.
Dance Instructors, get known to a wider audience, create your own showcase page.
Every dance instructor should have a fully searchable showcase page to advertise their services.
The Origin Of Salsa
Ever wondered about the origin of salsa music or salsa dancing, where it started and how it came to be? Find out about its history here.
Salsa Styles: How Do They Differ From Each Other
Discover the variations of salsa styles that exist out there, and what makes them different from each other.
Salsa Stars
The greatest iconic salsa stars who have most influenced salsa as we know it today.
Latin Dances: What Are They?
Find more about the various latin dances
Salsa FAQ, answering frequently asked salsa dancing questions
Salsa FAQ: Find answers to your salsa dancing questions, or if you don’t, come and submit your question.
About Me: Steve Middleton
A little about me, Steve Middleton. Dancer and family man, salsa changed my life!
Contact Steve at Salsa Dancers
Contact Steve at Salsa Dancers, and provide site feedback.
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